12 Week

Social App Launch Accelerator​ Course

Stop worrying and overthinking about the technology and start focusing on launching your appgrowing your community, and earning recurring revenue.

Get your app up and running quickly
Learn how to build and publish your own social learning app

From idea to app store in 12 weeks!

Launching And Marketing Your
BuddyBoss App​ Is Hard

It Can Be Overwhelming and Frustrating

  • You don’t know what plugins to use for the features you want
  • You don’t want to spend thousands on the wrong plugins
  • All of the experts and developers are telling you different things
  • Deciding between groups vs forums, app pages vs web fallback all makes your head spin
  • You’re not sure how to best setup a staging environment for testing
  • Trying a new plugin makes others stop working and you don’t know why
  • You’ve heard automation will make things easier but don’t know where to start
  • You know onboarding is important but you’re not clear what all to include
  • Your site is slow and you’re scared the app will make things worse
  • Trying to understand In-App purchase rules making you head spin?

Can you relate to any of these?

This is the Cohort Course for You

Launching And Marketing Your

BuddyBoss App​ Can Be Easy

With The Right Tools and Support

  • Hear from fellow app builders what has and hasn’t worked in real world scenarios
  • We’ll walk through when to use core app pages vs web fallback and why
  • We’ll give you standard operating procedures to test new plugin updates using your test cases
  • We’ll show you how to use deep analysis tools to troubleshoot problem plugins with ease
  • Use our automation recipes to get started and as inspiration for your own
  • We’ll walk you through a member journey exercise to identify the most critical pieces to your members
  • Use our BuddyBoss Performance Optimization guide to speed up hosting or choose the best new host
  • Get feedback on your In-App purchase setup before you get rejected by Apple or Google

Don’t Take Our Word For It

“Ben really knows his stuff when it comes to membership websites!” “This website has been built up from the foundation and purposefully designed from the very beginning to scale things up.”

Ben Clardy

The World Is Ready For Your App!

And it could all start by clicking the button below

The World Is Ready For Your App!

And it could all start by clicking the button below

Here’s How to Sign Up

Got Questions?

Here are some more details

The tentative start for the first cohort is middle of May. Depending on how the initial response goes we may push the release up or delay it. We will let everyone on the waitlist know as we get closer so you can plan ahead.

The goal of the course is to launch your App and fill it with you ideal members. The main focus will be on planning, building, marketing and launching your App.

Other topics include:

  • Using state of the art design tools to ideate and prototype
  • Crowd sourcing the ideal plugin stack for your vision
  • Identifying the ideal hosting for a fast site and app
  • Building a bridge for your ideal members to find your App
  • Crafting an onboarding journey for great culture
  • Automating for engagement using Push Notification and Email
  • Working with Google’s and Apple’s App Review process
  • Documenting processes for testing and updates

This course if for anyone that wants to launch a BuddyBoss App.

If you already have a BuddyBoss network created but aren’t sure the best way to add the App, this course will help you get there.

We’ll teach you the basic principles and tactics to create a beautiful App, invite your ideal members to your community, and keep everyone engaged. But you are still at the mercy of an opaque App review process. While you’ll have an incredible opportunity to strategize with your fellow cohort members, we can’t guarantee App approval.

However, what we do guarantee is that along with the BuddyBoss publishing team and our fellow students, we are committed to helping you get through the process to see your App on the App Stores!

While you will have access to the lessons to consume at your own leisure, you’ll get the most benefit if you stay up to date with the lesson plan.

Lessons will be released weekly and follow a weekly learn, discuss, implement and reflect cadence and it helps if you can dedicated weekly time to go through each step

We will have catch up weeks built into the curriculum to help you keep pace with everyone.

About Me

I’m a father, husband, and technology architect who helps speakers, coaches, and other authority figures overcome tech overwhelm and focus on connecting and elevating their communities.

Earlier in my career I built Career Sites, Onboarding Experiences, and Talent Communities for Fortune 500 companies. I have combined my love for personal development with my skills in online marketing and talent development to build engaging learning communities using BuddyBoss, LearnDash, and many other open-source WordPress components. I can’t wait to show you some of my methods.