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9 Steps To Speed Up Your BuddyBoss Site

Learn how to optimize your BuddyBoss site without trying random settings so your members can have the best user experience

In this 9-Page Guide, I’ll Show You:

  • The single setting that will  increase your site speed 100% 🚀
  • Why page caching and plugins like WP Rocket can wreack havoc on your BuddyBoss site and what to cache instead. (If you cache the wrong thing, your users will literally see the wrong content!! 😬 )
  • How to get your media closer to your users for fast loading videos and images
  • Why you should never use shared hosting (unless you like slow BuddyBoss sites 🐢)
  • The truth about Scalable Infrastructure and why it can be slower before it gets faster
  • And so much more

Trying to use standard WordPress speed optimizations won’t work for BuddyBoss…

This Speed Optimization Guide is just one part I cover in my 12-week Social App Launch Accelerator where I show you how to go from idea to app store in just 12 weeks.

So you can have a your own community app generating recurring revenue without worrying content moderation or algorithms. 

Without it, your site or app may load slowly or worse will show your members errors instead of loading your content.

With it, you won’t worry if your site loads slow for your members.

Use and enjoy!

Ben Esteban

A super fast BuddyBoss site is only a click away…