Behind the scenes of building the #1 Hosting for BuddyBoss Membership Websites

Hosting is our core

We are firmly in building mode at this point. We have a vision, but the next few months as we approach 2021 will produce the foundation for that vision.

One of our top objectives will always be for our client’s sites to always feel speedy and for our clients not to even have to think about servers. We want our clients to be able to tell us how many members they want to support and we’ll take care of the rest.

Our other objective is to offer a good deal. While we will always differentiate our premium optimization, servers are a commodity in the cloud. We will work hard to find you the best deal on blazing fast VPS and more scalable solutions.

So while we don’t want our clients to think about servers, finding the best deals on servers and wringing out the very last drop of speed is at our core.

BuddyBoss Membership

Next Steps to building the best BuddyBoss membership hosting

We’re going to be working closely with Gridpane to test all of the most ideal server offering from at least a half dozen cloud providers. We’ll test big name players like Linode and Digital Ocean as well as newcomers like Vultr and UpCloud. And we’ll also test the giant with Amazon Lightsail. We’re also on the lookout for some dedicated bare metal servers such as those as KnownHost.

We’ll spend some time to create a standardized test build for BuddyBoss and load it on all of the best servers. Then we load them up with traffic to test their limits. And then we get to work on optimizing and getting the very last ounce of performance out of them. Then we’ll test them all again with a load of traffic.

In the end, we’ll come back and share all of those results with you so you can confidently choose the right package for the number of members you want to serve.

Alright, we’re going to go build now!