Are you a fan of the Office?

I may have a motivational Michael Scott poster in my office. And there may be a magnet on my dishwasher.

The reason I was being asked this question was because I was talking tech lingo again. I needed to validate the idea and get some feedback on the messaging and the verdict was clear. You need something that speaks like your customers think. Stop talking about plugins, server optimization, and caching.

But that’s the secret sauce, I tried to claim. The truth is: no one actually cares about the secret sauce, they just want it to taste good. So while the backbone of this idea is the relentless pursuit of speed and reliability, that’s not the hook.

The hook is quite obvious though. We’re going to make it super easy to take your facebook group or audience and turn them into raving fans that create their own engagement on your own branded app where you own the data (seriously we can get right into the database) and you make the decisions.

This will be your app, your content, your audience!

And we’ll show you the way.