The Journey Starts With A Single Step

We may fail, we may succeed, but we will learn!

I have been active in the BuddyBoss community since that start of the Facebook Group. I’ve watched as person after person struggled to put all of the pieces together only to struggle with the server, caching, hosting etc.

For months I’ve seen people get frustrated. While the platform is incredibly powerful, a turnkey solution it is not. So that is what this journey is about.

It’s about creating a turnkey solution out of some incredible components. It’s about removing the headaches and barriers that so many encounter while setting up their own community, course platform or membership site.

This may be the most expensive course I’ve ever taken, but with a little bit of luck, hard work, and perseverance, SocialAppHero might just launch the next set of social networks or at the very least creates recurring revenue for many of our clients.

We can’t wait to not only share this journey with you, but most importantly share the things we have in the works. So stay tuned and please subscribe!